German Shepherd Breeders in Florida reviewed

German Shepherd Breeders in Florida

German Shepherd Breeders in Florida:  Vom Regal Haus Shepherds

This is a small, family-run German Shepherd breeder located in Southwest Florida. According to their website, their main focus is to produce a dog that has a good structure and a confident temperament, self-assured and natural.

All their puppies are born and raised surrounded by family and have full run of their property, exposed to both people and other animals. All of the parents are health screened and OFA hip certified, and AKC registered. Puppies come with full AKC registration, a health certificate and a microchip. If you are interested in this breeder and their puppies, please visit them here.

German Shepherd Breeders in Florida: Von Calvo

This German Shepherd Breeder in Florida is located in Miami. According to their website, this is a family-owned Kennel focusing on selective breeding from some of the finest imported Champion bloodlines from Germany and other countries.

They strive to produce German Shepherds with superb temperaments and conformation. Their dogs have won multiple titles and awards, and their litters are carefully researched and planned. As they state on their website, their puppies are only offered for sale after they have been temperament and conformation proven.

German Shepherd Breeders in Florida: Von Calvo

German Shepherd Breeders in Florida: Vom Katzenblut

This is a German Shepherd Breeder also located in Miami, Florida, with over 40 years of experience in working with German Shepherds, according to their website.  This is a full-time Kennel specializing in top-quality American and European lines, producing dogs that have superior working qualities, perfect for police and detection work. They strive to place their wonderful puppies in the home/situation that fits them best and is to the highest benefit of the client and the dog. They have adult German Shepherds imported from Europe, as well as puppies, and titled adults. All of these dogs have exceptional temperaments and working abilities. This breeder also provides the services of training and behavior modification. On their Website, you can find lots of very valuable information on the breed, breeding and what you as a potential German Shepherd owner should know and understand. It’s a great resource on all things German Shepherd and is highly recommended.

Sonoline Kennel

This German Shepherd Breeder is also located in Miami, Florida. As stated on their website, they concentrate on breeding from fine, proven European and German lines with superb genetic background. This breeder strives to maintain and improve the qualities of the breed in terms of temperament, structure and health.

German Shepherd Breeders in Florida: Vom Hundhaus

German Shepherd Breeders in Florida: Vom Hundhaus

This German Shepherd Breeder is located in Brooksville, FL. According to their website, they focus on producing quality Show Line German Shepherds with excellent temperaments and drive. Their breeding dogs are all titled and are excellent examples of the breed. They only have up to 2 litters per year.

Vom Bickaro

This German Shepherd Breeder is located in Tampa, Florida. According to their site, they breed from West German Show Lines to the SV Standard, emphasizing the fine temperament and health of their litters. All the parents are titled and Breed Surveyed, and all litters are thoroughly researched and planned. The puppies are raised in the warm and loving environment of the house, surrounded by family members.

German Shepherd Breeders in Florida: Redland Vom Schaferhunde

This breeder is located in Miami, Florida. According to their website, they are a breeder with extensive experience (over 30 years!) with German Shepherds, breeding from quality lines with superb temperaments and conformation. They also offer services of exporting/importing dogs domestically and internationally, as well as stud services. All their dogs are AKC registered and microchipped. All of their breeding dogs are hips and elbows certified and pass multiple tests of temperament and endurance before they are bred. If you are interested in their puppies, please visit their website here.

German Shepherd Breeders in Florida: Redland Vom Schaferhunde

Brickhaus Working Dogs

This is a German Shepherd Kennel focusing on breeding Working line German Shepherds. As stated on their website, working abilities, health and structure are some of the more important aspects of a German Shepherd. This Breeder and their dogs have won many titles and awards and can boast many achievements that require top intelligence, trainability, endurance and drive. This breeder also offers dog training and works with dogs involved in services such as police work, protection, etc.

German Shepherd Breeders of Southwest Florida

This is another German Shepherd Breeder in Florida, specializing in breeding World-Class puppies the German way, according to their website. They only breed parents that are Breed Surveyed, which means that the parents have to pass multiple strict tests and requirements, including hip and elbow certification, correct structure, temperament and behavior checks, endurance and many other requirements. On their website, you can learn a lot about the German Shepherd breed, the difference between American and German German Shepherds and the difference between show lines and working lines. Please visit this breeder’s website if you are interested in their puppies.

German Shepherd Breeders in Florida: Von Jagenstadt

This German Shepherd Breeder is located in Boca Raton, Florida. According to their website, they focus on breeding German Shepherds from quality lines, following the strict regulations of the SV standard. All parents have ratings and titles and are hip and elbow certified. All the puppies are guaranteed to have strong health and fine temperament. All the puppies are registered with AKC. They can offer puppies to show and work, as well as to simply become wonderful family companions.

South Florida Shepherds

Another German Shepherd breeder in Florida, located in Maimi. As stated n their website, their main priorities in breeding are to preserve the great conformation, temperament and health of the breed. They can offer working line puppies from East Germany as well as show line German Shepherds from West Germany. All their parents are health screened, hip and elbow certified and pass the DNA tests before they are bred. Their puppies boast strong health, confidence and a good temperament. They also come with a health guarantee.

German Shepherd Breeders in Florida: Von Jagenstadt

German Shepherd Owner Reviews

I have never regretted adopting my German Shepherd. My Jerry is very smart, affectionate, gorgeous and protective of me and the rest of the family. He is easy to train as long as you are willing to put in time and effort. He picked me as the owner, although he loves everyone else too. But, as I heard, and as we have definitely experienced with Jerry, German Shepherds do tend to choose one person as their leader. He is also good with other dogs and our cat, but that’s probably because he’s known the cat since his early age.

This is a great dog if you are an active, assertive person. You have to be confident, otherwise the dog won’t listen and won’t follow your commands. Our Jerry is extremely smart, and quite motivated. He needs to have something to do, at least for a part of the day. Training is a great thing to occupy a German Shepherd. Walking and playing is another. You can’t just take your German Shepherd for a lazy 10 minute walk and expect that it will be enough. They need to run around, dig, carry huge sticks and tree branches in their mouth. It’s a very active dog!

Maybe even hyperactive. They don’t do well in lazy households that aren’t very active. They will simply get bored, or find something (destructive) to do. I notice this every time when we don’t have much time to do a proper walk. The dog becomes restless, unhappy, unsatisfied. He starts acting like a clown, but it’s a large and destructive clown! We thought that he’d mellow out when he is older, but he’s already 6 years old – middle-aged for a German Shepherd! And he is still as full of energy as ever. That’s just how they are: they are too smart and too motivated to do nothing. Don’t get this dog if you are not planning to put a lot of time in it through training and just spending time with it.

Jerry is so smart it feels like he can read my thoughts. He stay close when we are walking, although he used to be a bit more “wild” when he was younger, and always pulled the leash. But we did a lot of training to improve his leash behavior, and it really paid off. He’s a pleasure to be around now.

I can’t say that Jerry is very friendly with strangers. He’s definitely not aggressive (not without a reason), but he is more watchful and careful around strangers, than friendly. When someone suspicious approaches or comes too close to me, Jerry will stand between me and the stranger with a very protective look.

He’s friendly enough to other dogs unless it’s another male and they act in an aggressive way. Then Jerry can growl and bark and I am sure he’d be able to stand up for himself, but of course I never let a situation like that escalate.

We don’t need to groom Jerry that much, really only when he sheds. Then we have to vacuum a lot, as well as brush his coat lots. But other than that he is pretty clean and doesn’t even track too much dirt in the house which you would think he would being a large dog!

He loves chasing cats but has never actually hurt one, he just does it for the fun of it.

We didn’t have to many health issues with Jerry. He doesn’t have any allergies and rarely has any digestive issues.

I think this is a great breed, but only if you are ready to invest time and effort in training and caring for them. Otherwise, please, don’t get a German Shepherd, there are plenty of easier breeds out there. Maybe a Labrador?







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