Golden Retriever Breeders in Texas reviewed

Golden Retriever Breeders in Texas

Golden Retriever Breeders in Texas: Goldenloch Kennel

This Golden Retriever Breeder in Texas is located near Crockett, East Texas. As stated on their website, this breeder has been involved with Golden Retrievers for over 25 years and in breeding for over 20 years. They are a member of Golden Retriever Club of America, Greater Houston Golden Retriever Club, Hunting Retriever Club, Dock Dogs and Houston Area Dock Dogs. According to their website, this Breeder strives to breed healthy Goldens with excellent structure, temperament and appearance.

Golden Retriever Breeders in Texas: Goldenloch Kennel

All their dogs are hip, elbow, eye, heart and thyroid cleared as health is of great importance for this Breeder. With Golden Retriever being an active dog best used in Hunting, this breeder prefers to place their dogs in active households that will provide their dog with plenty of physical activity. This breeder only has one to two litters per year and cares deeply about finding perfect homes for their puppies. All the puppies are sold with AKC limited registration and a limited health warranty.

Silverhill Goldens

This is another Golden Retriever breeder in Texas who has been working with Golden retrievers for over 40 years. They are located near College Station, TX. According to their website, this breeder focuses on breeding from pedigrees with solid health, temperament and longevity characteristics. They emphasize good working ability in Goldens as well as conformation. Apart from participating in agility, obedience, fieldwork and therapy work activities with their Goldens, they have also been rescuing Goldens for 20 years. This breeder is a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America and a few other Golden Retriever and Search dog networks.

Trailsend Golden Retrievers

This Golden Retriever Breeder in Texas is located just 30 miles from Austin, TX. As they say on their website, this breeder has been working with Goldens for over three decades and see their dogs as family members and beloved pets first and show dogs second. They are members of the Golden Retriever Club of America (as well as Greater Houston Golden Retriever Club and Austin Golden Retriever Club) and strive to breed to GRCA standard.

Golden Retriever Breeders in Texas - Katian Kennel

Golden Retriever Breeders in Texas – Katian Kennel

This Kennel is located in Central Texas, just out of Austin. As stated on their website, this Breeder is a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America and follows their breed standard in her breeding. All of the parents are thoroughly screened and hip, elbow, heart and eye certified. All the puppies have lots of socialization opportunities as well as a free run of a large property where they can properly develop before they go to their new homes. You can read more about this breeder and their gorgeous dogs and puppies, as well as Golden Retriever breed standard and health markers on their website.

Scion Golden Retrievers

If you are near Austin, you could also check out this Golden Retriever Breeder, located in Elgin, Tx, not far from Austin. As stated on their website, this Breeder is a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America and Austin Golden Retriever Club (as well as Waterloo Amateur Retriever Club). All of their dogs are bred to the Standard and are eye, heart, hip and elbow certified. You can learn more about this Breeder and their gorgeous dogs on their website.

Golden Retriever Breeders in Denton, Texas: Amore Goldens

If you are in or near Denton, Tx, Amore Goldens may be the breeder you might want to check out. As stated on their website, they are a Member of the Golden Retriever Club of America and Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Golden Retriever Club. They work hard to produce top-quality Goldens with excellent temperaments and solid health. They hope to produce dogs that excel at various types of work such as Hunting, conformation, obedience, therapy work and others. They are a small hobby breeder and only have a limited number of litters.

Golden Retriever Breeders in Denton, Texas: Amore Goldens

Alliebeck Goldens

This Golden Retriever Breeder is located in Austin, Texas. According to the information on their website, they adhere strictly to the standard of breeding accepted by the Golden Retriever Club of America, and only breed dogs with superior temperament, behavior and conformation. They thoroughly research each of their breedings to select the best parent lines for each. They strive to strengthen and promote the breed’s best qualities as well as their solid health in every puppy. As a result, many of their dogs become champions and excel at agility and other events/competitions.  This breeder is also a director and member of the Austin Golden Retriever Club.

Golden Retriever Breeders in Texas: Millenium Goldens

This breeder is located in Bonham, TX. According to their website, this breeder has been involved with Goldens for over twenty years, when they wished to add a Golden to their own family. They strive to produce Goldens with superior temperaments, correct structure and solid health from good lines. As stated on their website, they offer American lines that are darker and European lines that are a lighter golden color. This breeder cares deeply about the health of their dogs and puppies.

All of their breeding dogs are OFA hip and elbow certified as well as eye and heart tested. All of their dogs live with the family as family members, getting plenty of socialization as well as acreage to run on and enjoy nature and other animals. Visit this breeder’s website to see their beautiful dogs and puppies as well as read more about their pedigrees and more.

Golden Retriever Breeders in Texas: Millenium Goldens

Golden Retriever Owner Review

I’ve had my Golden Retriever girl Stormy for ten years now. There’s a lot to tell about owning a Golden Retriever. Of course, most of the time they are these sweet huggable kissable things that you just can’t get enough of. (Especially when they are still puppies). But, as with any dog and any breed, there are things you need to know before deciding to adopt a Golden into your family. It’s good to know at least some of the pros and cons befire making such big decisions. Some people are really not fit to have a dog – any dog. Some people would not do well with a Golden Retriever but maybe would do better wityh a different breed. It’s good to be informed and to know what to expect.

If you have never had a dog before, this is especially important for you to read. Some people don’t understand just how big of a responcibility having a dog is. It’s not like having a cat or a hampster, although I am sure even if it is a cat or hampster it’s still a lot of responcibility. But dogs are like babies! It’s almost exactly the same as having a baby. Especially with Goldens, who tend to be quite hyperactive and very curious. You will have to watch this puppy-child at all times, clean their mess, keep them from danger (like chewing on electrical wires, or running in front of cars). You will have to feed them and try to figure out what they are allergic to if they happen to be allergic. You will have to take your Golden for a walk every day, regardless of the whether or how tired you are after work. This is a lot of responcibility!

Anotehr thing, especially with young Goldens, is that they may  have separation anxiety and hate being left alone. They can be very loud (hello neighbours!) and very destructive. You can’t just leave them alone in the house if you don’t want to find your sofa and your clothes destrpyed and a pile of poop on your bed. You will probably need years before you will be able to safely leave your dog at home alone. Before that, you will have to find accomodations or employ relatives/friends to watch your pup. (Or crate your pup while you are at work.) Are you ready to deal with these problems?

Also, are you financially stable enough to afford a dog? Thik of all the expences your Golden will require, such as food, medications, toys, treats, doggy hotels, leashes, collars, etc? Vet bills! Again, it’s just like having a child!

When it comes to Golden Retriever personalities, in general they are very friendly and outgoing. They are practically aggression-free, although of course all dogs are different and some Goldens may become untrusting or even aggressive. Our Stormy is extremely friendly and somewhat timid. She’s definitely not as pushy and confident as some other dogs I know. She is always watching us carefully and tries to do everything to please us. It’s a very endearing quality in her that I really love. She is extremely loyal to us, her family.

Stormy is also very playful and extremely active, even though she isn’t considered a puppy anymore.It’s a wonderful dog for an active person. If you enjoy hiking, biking, being outside – this would be a great dog to accompany you.

Hygiene is important! And your Golden will quickly teach you to maintain hygiene, otherwise your house will be full of paw prints and dog hair (and slobber!). If you live in a colder, wetter climate, you will have to wash your pup’s paws every time you come home from a walk, especially if you take them anywhere where there is mud and puddles. Then, once you start washing their paws, you may as well brush their jair and then you’ve spent the whole evening busy with your dog 🙂 Did I say having a dog is a lot of responcibility? Also, did I mention Golden Retrievers shed all year around?

One of the hardest things for me in owning a dog and particularly a Golden Retriever is having to deal with health issues. Stormy has had dermititis since she was a puppy. It especially flared up if she ate anything with chicken in it, and, strangely, after a bath! I threw out all dog shampoos I had and tried very hard to figure out her diet nad we can generally keep the dermatitis at bay but it was pretty rough in the early years when we still didn’t know what was going on. I guess she is just a very sensitive dog.

All in all, Goldens are a fantastic breed. They are lovely, loving, devoted, loyal, smart, funny, outgoing, always up for an adventure. But they are also living creatures and a big responsibility. Make sure you are OK with that if you are thinking of adopting a Golden Retriever into y our family.



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