Golden Retreiver Breeders in NY: New York Golden Retriever breeders reviewed

New York Golden Retriever breeders reviewed

Golden Retriever Breeders in NY: Tranquility Golden Retrievers

This Golden Retriever Breeder in New York is located in Georgetown, NY.  As can be seen from their website, they have been deeply involved with the breed for more than 30 years, producing outstanding Goldens that become wonderful family pets.

They strive to only breed the Goldens that can boast a wonderful “Golden” temperament and impressive looks that make for the best qualities of this breed. Health is also an important priority for this breeder. All of their dogs are OFA certified for hips, as well as screened for eye health. All puppies undergo all necessary shots and vaccinations.  Visit their website to learn more about this breeder.

Golden Retriever Breeders in NY: Maplemoon Kennel

This is another New York Golden Retriever breeder located in Walton, NY. According to their website, this is a small family-run Kennel focusing on producing well-tempered, healthy and intelligent Goldens. All of the breeding stock goes through thorough health examinations and screening and are OFA hip, elbow, eye and heart cleared. Each puppy also goes through a vet inspection and goes to their new owner with a vet certificate, a microchip, all of their shots, pedigree and health clearances on the parents.

Golden Retriever Breeders in NY: Tranquility Golden Retrievers

Moonlit Meadows Goldens

]This Golden Retriever Breeder in New York is located in Rushville, NY.  According to their website, this breeder strives to produce intelligent and easy-to-train Goldens with fine conformation and good health from parents with outstanding pedigrees. Their story started 30 years ago when they adopted their very first Golden Retriever.

As they say, the temperament of their dogs is their first priority with many of their dogs becoming therapy and service dogs. Health is also very important. All of the breeding dogs are OFA/PennHip screened for eyes, heart, hips and elbows. You can trust that this breeder can offer a very healthy puppy with excellent potential.

Golden Retriever Breeders in NY: Hilltop Golden Retrievers

This NY Golden Retriever Breeder is located in South Westerlo, NY. As stated on their website, their focus is in breeding the healthiest and happiest Golden Retrievers to become wonderful family companions and pets. As seen from their website, they use championship lines in their breeding. All their “parents” undergo thorough health screening including OFA/PennHip for hips and elbows.

They also screen for DM, PRA-1, ichthyosis and other health issues. All the puppies live in the house with the family and are well socialized and cared for with much love. You can see the photos of this breeder’s beautiful dogs on their website, as well as contact them about one of their puppies.

Golden Retriever Breeders in NY: Hilltop Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever owner review: Jake and his Golden Retriever Sam

I picked my Golden boy up from a breeder when he was 8 weeks old, and now Sam is almost 4 years old! What can I say about Sam?

As far as Golden Retrievers go, I think it’s the friendliest, most affectionate breed. I have never met another breed that is this affectionate and that understands humans, as well as Golden Retrievers, seem to understand us.

Of course, he wasn’t a please to live with right off the start. Like all puppies, he was rambunctious, unpredictable and destructive. He ate half the furniture in our house, ripped the wallpaper off my bedroom walls and peed everywhere he could. He ate half of the flooring in the hallway one time when I had to leave for a day-long working trip. (I did have a dog sitter come to take him out a few times that day!).

We overcame all of it! He became much more mellow at 6 months of age, and after a year he could be pretty well trusted to stay alone in the house and I would return to the same house I left him in. His potty issues also disappeared. I can walk him without a leash now and he won’t run away and will come back the second I call him. He is extremely smart and will fetch me things that he knows the names of, like slippers and a leash.  He’s very smart and very quick to learn new things. Training a Golden is pure pleasure: they understand very quickly whatever it is that you need them to do, and are eager to please.

Golden Retriever owner review: Jake and his Golden Retriever Sam

This is a very beautiful dog. He is very impressive and we get lots of admiring looks when we are out for a walk. Even us the owners can’t stop looking at him although we are used to him.

He is also a big manipulator! He knows that if he makes sad puppy eyes,  someone will give him a treat. He also knows how to smile and he knows we react to that too, so he uses it to his advantage. You wouldn’t think a dog would know how to manipulate humans but he sure does!

Sam is also very funny and makes us laugh constantly with his antiques. He is a source of a good mood and positivity that never ends. Even just this one thing makes him so worthy of every bit of effort and work he takes!

Some of the downsides, for me personally, is how friendly he is and his lack of protective instincts. I don’t think a Golden Retriever is a great dog to have if you need your dog to protect you. They are just too friendly and there is no aggression in them, at least not in my Sam. He’s fought with a couple of dogs that attacked him once, but he’s never ever aggressive or even just cautious around people. Everyone is a friend to him!

Another downside is, of course, dog hair. It’s everywhere and you have to live with it. It’s like a carpet in our house. Makes the floors warmer.

Sam is also allergic to everything on earth. It was very hard to create a menu for him that he would tolerate, even though we got hin from a breeder and they generally have pretty healthy dogs.

Golden Retriever Breeders in NY: Hilltop Golden Retrievers

Another downside is his size: he is pretty big! It’s great if you have your own house and a large yard. And a large car!

Of course, training is very important, as with any breed. Any issues with the dog’s behavior need to be corrected and it all takes time and effort, but it’s the only way you will get yourself a polite, pleasant dog to live with.  One thing we realized with Sam is that the time to start training them is when they are still puppy. Discourage any behavior you don’t like and make an effort to encourage everything the dog does right.

Be persistent and authoritative. Also, you will need to provide your pup with lots of activity and exercise to help them become less destructive and calmer. Agility is a great thing to get into: it really helps expand the dog’s energy. All in all, don’t expect that your puppy will grow into a wonderful dog all on their own. Most likely than not they will grow into whatever they decode to grow if you don’t direct this process.

Another thing to remember is grooming. With the amount of hair, Golden Retrievers have grooming is absolutely necessary. This includes brushing and bathing. NOt all dogs love these activities (especially bathing) so you need to start doing it early when they are still young and can get used to it.

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