German Shepherd Breeders in Michigan reviewed

German Shepherd Breeders in Michigan
German Shepherd Breeders in Michigan

German Shepherd Breeders in Michigan: Schraderhaus K9 

Schraderhaus K9 is a German Shepherd breeder in Michigan, located on the foothills of Mount Rainier, near the town of Roy. According to their website, their focus is producing German Shepherds that are a pleasure to live with. Their dogs are beautiful, well-bred, have strong health and pleasant temperaments with a well-balanced working drive. They pay thorough attention to the structural health of the dog, employing all necessary health tests to avoid any genetic issues in the litters. Sound temperaments, intelligence and loyalty are also the aspects they strive to preserve and develop in their breeding.

German Shepherd Breeders in Michigan: Schraderhaus K9 

For their litters, they use old traditional working lines imported from Europe, their dogs are the descendants of some of the most valuable foundation lineages going back to East Germany.

Visit their website to learn more about this breeder. You will also find lots of good information on the breed and how to raise your German Shepherd puppy on their site.

Wolfsburg German Shepherds

This is a German Shepherd Breeder located in Harrisville, Michigan. According to their website, they focus on producing well-bred, well-temperamented, smart and loyal puppies to become family companions and beloved pets. In their breeding, they use superior European lines, concentrating on the health of the litters, intelligence and good personality. A lot of their dogs work as Service dogs, Police dogs and Search and Rescue dogs. Most become devoted, loving and loved family members for families across the USA.

In raising their puppies, Wolfsburg German Shepherds believe in early socialization and getting the puppies acquainted with a variety of people and animals to ensure friendly and outgoing temperaments later in life. Based on a farm, this Kennel provides plenty of such socialization opportunities for their pups.

Boasting high intelligence, their puppies are also easy to train and have excellent working qualities.

Wolfsburg German Shepherds

When purchasing from this Breeder, you will have to go through an initial phone interview which will help you and the Breeder ensure that you are a good match. This Breeder is also unique in that they provide a one-hour class on taking care of your puppy on the day of purchase.

German Shepherd Breeders in Michigan: Wildhaus Kennels

This German Shepherd Breeder is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. According to their website, their main goal is to offer families German Shepherds that have excellent working abilities but are, at the same time, wonderful companions. Very often dogs with strong work drive are too complicated to own for families. The opposite is also true: German Shepherds that make easy pets are often not excellent working dogs.

According to their website, at Wildhaus Kennels, German Shepherds are a fine combination of both high working ability and an easy temperament that makes them a wonderful family pet. They are able to excel at many tasks and work types, such as Search and Rescue, police work, guarding and protecting, agility, farm work and more. Yet, at the same time, they are also able to relax and chill when there is no work to do.

German Shepherd Breeders in Michigan: Wildhaus Kennels

As they state on their website, this Kennel’s work is based on their deep love and respect for the breed. They have been raising many future champions and training their dogs as well for years. But first and foremost, their Shepherds are their beloved family members. This is not a business, as Wildhaus Kennels do not live off their dogs. This is a hobby and something they deeply love instead.

Glaurung Kennel

Another German Shepherd Breeder in Michigan, located not far from Ann Arbor, is Glaurung Kennel. According to their website, this is a small hobby kennel focusing on producing German Shepherds with mostly German roots and superior working qualities.

A lot of their dogs go on to become successful service dogs, employed in police work, search and rescue, tracking, protection and other pursuits. In their breeding, they follow the Breed Survey standard which means the dogs pass the conformation rating, temperament test, hips and elbows health standard and other tests to ensure the dog is of high quality both mentally and physically.

Des Holzes GSD - another German Shepherd breeder in Michigan

Des Holzes GSD – another German Shepherd breeder in Michigan

Des Holzes is a small German Shepherd breeder based out of Adrian, Michigan. They have grown up with German Shepherds and have been actively breeding them for over 11 years. Their main focus, according to their website, is to provide families with loving, well-temperamented and beautiful companions. They love each and every one of their puppies and strove to find the best possible home for them.

Vom Dinaburg German Shepherds

According to their website, this is one of the top German Shepherd Breeders in Michigan as well as the whole country. They breed for quality, not quantity, and have a strong belief that the German Shepherd is one of the most versatile breeds in the world. They use high standards of breeding to maintain the excellent quality of their bloodlines, both in physique and temperament.

They strive to produce the healthiest puppies possible and hold SV standards as their main criteria for breeding. Many puppies from their litters went on to be Police dogs, Search and rescue dogs, guide and therapy dogs, and perform many other roles in society, including the most important one – being loyal and devoted companions for families out there.

Vom Dinaburg German Shepherds

Along with offering high-quality German Shepherd puppies, this Kennel also provides training for German Shepherds, which is absolutely key for any German Shepherd owner and can make your life with your dog so much more special and satisfying.

German Shepherd Breeders in Michigan: Hanabrit German Shepherds

This is a German Shepherd Breeder located in Highland, Michigan. According to their website, their breeding work is based on their passion for preserving the pure traditional working lines of the German Shepherd. They cherish the big, bold and beautiful look in their dogs, as well as strong health and good temperament. Their ideal dog is squarely built, muscly, with a slightly angulated body and a lovely personality. Their dogs are confident and friendly, but watchful and protective.

This breeder cares about their puppies and what homes they go to greatly and thoroughly screens the new potential owners. They strive to find each puppy the best possible forever home that will last them a lifetime. If you think you could be a good match, visit this breeder’s website.

As always, we have a German Shepherd owner breed review for you.

German Shepherd Breeders in Michigan: Hanabrit German Shepherds

German Shepherd owner breed review: what should you keep in mind

What should you keep in mind if you want to adopt a German Shepherd?

Firs of all, training. You will need to d lots of training if you want your dog to be safe and pleasant to be around. It’s not easy! This is a large breed, not like a cocker spaniel or a Chihuahua. When our pup was still very young, he had this bad habit of jumping onto everyone, so everyone in the house had scratches on their hands and legs all the time.

It was ok when he was small, but was starting to get really annoying, and frankly, dangerous, once the pup grew up. We started working on his behavior, including this little quirk, and it got much better. Now he is an intelligent, well-behaved dog. But it cost us time and money! However, if we had closed our eyes on the bad behavior, somebody could get hurt from his unmeasured “love”. Let alone the moments when he becomes agitated or aggressive towards other dogs. You need to be able to control your dog at all times, and this takes work.

This dog will choose one owner! They will love every member of the family, but they instinctively feel the hierarchy of the family and will always side with the leader, only really obeying that person. Be prepared for that if you are thinking of owning a German Shepherd.

Shedding. They do shed, and quite a lot! Especially in the spring-summer months. We had to vacuum literally every day, sometimes twice a day!

This is a guard dog. They have guarding and protecting instincts very deep in their blood and  start guarding and protecting quite early on. It’s a good quality, highly valued by German Shepherd lovers, but it also needs work and training so that your dog is still safe for friendly passers by and, for example, your guests.

Be prepared to “accidents”, especially when dealing with a puppy. When our pup was very young, we would take him out every hour on the clock. Yet he still managed to pee inside up until he was two months old or so. He’d leave us poo bombs too from time to time. That’s just life with animals for you. Once he became a little older, he would always wait patiently for our walks and we didn’t have this issue anymore.

Be prepared for your furniture to be destroyed – at least some of it. Table legs, sofa, our slippers – everything was chewed on when out dog was still a pup. Anything of value had to be hidden on the top shelves or we risked getting it all slobbered up if not downright chewed up. This will be especially so while the dog’s teeth change.

There are, of course, many upsides to having a German Shepherd too. It’s their endless devotion and love to their owners, and the desire and ability to protect and guard. It’s how intelligent they are and so easy to train. It’s their cheerful disposition and being ever ready to get in some sort of trouble and have fun. You will never be bored when your dog is around! And they will always be around, even if you are just trying to go to the bathroom in piece! They are giant velcro dogs, tied at the hip to their favorite humans.

You will probably not regret adopting  a German Shepherd, provided you approach this decision with all the responsibility it deserves!

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