French Bulldog Breeders in Florida reviewed

French Bulldog Breeders in Florida
French Bulldog Breeders in Florida

French Bulldog Breeders in Florida: Silverlining-Frenchies

This small hobby French Bulldog Breeder in Florida is located in the South-West of the state. They produce AKC registered, healthy French Bulldogs with excellent temperaments, according to the information offered on their website.

All the puppies are hand-raised in the house and come to their new homes after a thorough vet check-up, with a one-year Health Guarantee. This Kennel does ship puppies all over the US and abroad. This breeder does their best to socialize and house-break the puppies before they go to their new owner.

French Bulldog Breeders in Ocala, Florida: Gator French Bulldogs

This breeder is located in Ocala, Florida, and is an AKC recognized breeder. In their breeding, they conform to the standards of the breed set by the French Bulldog Club of America and supported by AKC. This Kennel produces puppies that have correct conformation, exceptional appearance and fine temperament. 

Each puppy comes from a respectable lineage comprised of some of the best examples of the breed, and each puppy has its extensive pedigree. If you are interested in their puppies, visit this breeder’s website here.

Childs Bulldogs

Another French Bulldog Breeder in Florida, Childs Bulldogs, is located in Port Saint Lucie, Southern Florida.  They have been working with Bulldogs for almost 20 years and offer wonderful family companion Frenchies, as well as puppies with Breeding Rights and future Show dogs.

All puppies are AKC registered. All their puppies are raised in the warm and loving environment of their home, and all of the puppy parents are thoroughly health tested and screened. Each puppy is sent to their new home with a written 1-year Guarantee and a microchip. According to their website, Childs Bulldogs will take back any puppy that can no longer live with their new owner (for any reason).

French Bulldog Breeders in Florida: The Little French Bulldogs

The Little French Bulldogs is a small hobby breeder with a passion for Frenchies. They strive to produce healthy puppies with great personalities. According to their website, both puppy parents are DNA tested to avoid any genetic health issues in the litters. Each puppy gets a one-year health warranty. All puppies are AKC registered.

Tato’s Frenchies

This French Bulldog breeder is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. According to their website, the mission of this Kennel is to offer the best looking and healthiest French Bulldog puppies from top bloodlines to their customers. This breeder pays a lot of attention to the health of their litters and only uses to best lines for breeding.

Temperament is another trait they breed for. In addition, Tato’s Frenchies offer outstanding support to their customers via phone line: every customer is encouraged to ask any question regarding raising their puppy and how to do it right. Before they go to their new homes, this Breeder provides plenty of socialization for the youngsters which positively affects their temperament and well-being.

I Spy Frenchies: another French Bulldog Breeder in Florida

I Spy Frenchies is a home-based Kennel that offers AKC registered, health tested French Bulldogs with a three-year Health Guarantee on genetic health issues. The Kennel is run by a family of Frenchie lovers and enthusiasts that have been working/living with Frenchies since 2013.

Their main focus is to produce exceptional quality French Bulldogs with great conformation, fine temperament, and perfect health. All puppies go to their new homes microchipped, with their full pedigree and AKC registration and full support of the breeder for the length of their life.

No Nose Frenchies

This French Bulldog breeder is located in Port Orange, Florida. This is another family-run Kennel built on passion and love for the breed. According to their website, this breeder follows best breeding practices to ensure their puppies are born free of any genetic defects.

The owner of the Kennel has extensive experience with animals including a degree in Dog Nutrition, which is one of the reasons they are able to follow best practices in raising and caring for the puppies. Because of this, No Nose Frenchies offer five-year health guarantee on their puppies.

Defiabulls French Bulldogs: another French Bulldog Breeder in Florida

Defiabulls is also a family-based Kennel fueled by the passionate love of its owner for the Frenchies. As stated on their website, Defiabulls focus is to produce the very best examples of the breed. Having studied the breed thoroughly and having years of experience with these dogs, this breeder is confident in their ability to offer you a wonderful new family member with a lovely temperament and in good health. They offer a one year warranty on their puppies and are ready to cover any life-threatening issues that the puppy may have or replace your puppy with another one in case of an illness.

French Bulldogs Heaven

French Bulldogs Heaven is yet another French Bulldogs breeder in Florida, located near Jacksonville. This breeder has over 10 years of experience working with French Bulldogs. In their work, they focus on European French Bulldog lines. As stated on their website, European lines of French Bulldogs produce dogs that are not only gorgeous in their physique but are also sturdier and more tolerant to hot and cold weather, thus making them potentially an easier pet to own. (As opposed to other French Bulldogs).

The puppies in this Kennel are never caged and have a run of spacious playpens instead. All puppies have AKC registration and pedigrees and are health-tested with the Kennel offering 12 months health guarantee. This Kennel also offers to finance.

French Bulldog Breeders in Florida: Oceanside Frenchies

This is not a Kennel but simply a Family in love with wonderful French Bulldogs. They occasionally have litters of purebred high-quality Frenchies available to good homes only. According to their website, they produce litters following breed standards and best health practices to ensure healthy and well-temperamented puppies.

Another French Bulldog breeder in Florida: Jem French Bulldogs

This is a French Bulldog breeder located in Miramar, southern Florida. This is a breeder that comes from a family of generations of working with and breeding dogs and has been in love with French Bulldogs since 2007. According to their website, in breeding and raising their Frenchies, this breeder is focused on health, looks, temperament and socialization, as well as proper levels of exercise and stimulation that is needed for each puppy to grow into the best version of themselves.

NW Florida Frenchies

This is another small family Breeder providing AKC registered pups, including pups with full breeding rights. Check out their website here.

French Bulldog Breeders in Florida: Bunyan French Bulldogs

Bunyan French Bulldogs is a small French Bulldog breeder located in Vero Beach, Florida. As stated on their website, they have been loving and working with French Bulldogs since 2007 and currently occasionally have litters of available puppies. All their dogs are AKC registered; the breeder takes part in many AKC events and many of their dogs have won titles and awards. They breed for good temperament, conformation and health.

French Bulldog owner review

“Who will this dog be a right breed for?

First of all, for active people. French Bulldogs are not very large, but muscular and healthy. They love to move it, move it!  They are sturdy, have high endurance and tons of energy. This is not a lap dog and not a pillow warmer. They love running, playing, play-fighting – anything active! If you do too – this would be a good pup for you.

This dog is a dog for people that are financially secure. This is basically your child for the next decade or so. And, like children, they require expenses. Sometimes considerable expenses! Obviously, they need food. Often they need premium food brands, or meat, which also isn’t cheap. Often you will encounter allergy problems in your Frenchie, and will have to try out several food brands before you find “the one”. Allergies are extremely common in French Bulldogs, as are digestive issues. This all costs money. The puppy themselves can cost quite a bit, as you probably know if you are looking to adopt a Frenchie. Not even talking about vet bills. Multiple regular vet check ups, at least once a year. And if you haven’t done your homework and got your puppy from a puppy mill, you risk having to deal with a health condition that can cost a lot! You will also need leashes, leads, collars, toys, treats. And when the dog ages, inevitable health issues will pop up such as arthritis, various aches and pains, etc. You need to be ready for that, both emotionally and financially. You need to be suer that the dog will be worth it for you.

This is a dog for patient, confident, emotionally stable people.

You will have challenges with your dog, and you won’t know exactly what challenges, until you get the dog. They may be stubborn, have bad habits or have personality traits that you don’t find endearing. They may have health issues. They may, after all, snore, fart, bark, drool and do all other fun things dogs usually do. French Bulldogs in particular can snore like an old drunk person. And guess what? They usually much prefer sleeping in your bed. Are you going to be OK with  snoring companion sharing you bed for the next decade? Of course you can try to get them to sleep somewhere else, but most likely this “somewhere else” will still be in your bedroom!

Those are some of the downsides of owning a dog – any dog. Are you ready for that? Also, are you ready to train your pup, so that they grow up well-behaved and polite? Do you have time for that?

Not to discourage you from getting a puppy. For us dog lovers, every bit of it is worth it and we wouldn’t have it any other way, especially when it comes to our beloved Frenchies. But you just need to make sure it’s something that you really need an want and are ready to invest your time, money and effort into.”


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