French Bulldog Breeders in California reviewed

French Bulldog Breeders in California
French Bulldog Breeders in California

French Bulldog Breeders in California: French Bulldoggy

This Breeder’s work is based on the passion and love they have for French Bulldogs, which started with a single Frenchie girl who won this Breeder’s heart fully and completely and set them on to their path of further working with French Bulldogs. They do not breed many litters but the ones they do breed are bred and raised with love. Offering a new family member to a family is the most rewarding and inspiring aspect of this work to this breeder, Check out their website here.

French Bulldog Breeders in California: Big Bulldogs

This is a Kennel focusing on raising Bulldogs with excellent health, temperament and looks, rather than focusing on champion bloodlines. According to their website, the Kennel is run by a breeder with over 20 years of experience, who is also an animal rights advocate. On their website, you can find information about their puppies as well as some advice on how to avoid scam while searching for a French Bulldog puppy, how to find a trustworthy breeder and what to look out for in general, Check their website here.

Tricounty Frenchies

This French Bulldog breeder is located in Northern California and is a small kennel focusing on healthy, well-temperamented puppies with good structure. All their puppies come with a one-year health guarantee. They do not allow visiting their puppies but they will send you plenty of photos and videos if you are interested in adopting a puppy from them. The price of a puppy starts at $3000. Check out this breeder’s website if you are interested in their dogs.

Black Fortress Kennel

This is another French Bulldogs breeder in California, located in the Sacramento Valley. This is a small family-run kennel with every puppy born and raised in the house, surrounded by both people and other pets. This breeder offers a one-year health guarantee for every puppy and is always ready to answer any questions/concerns you may have as a potential or a new puppy owner. This breeder is AKC registered. If you are anywhere near the Sacramento Valley, visit this breeder’s website to have a look at their puppies.

Impeccabullz French Bulldogs: another French Bulldog breeder in California

Impeccabullz French Bulldogs is another small breeder located in Vacaville, CA. They have had over 14 years of experience breeding and raising French Bulldogs and have plenty of know-how when it comes to Frenchies. Their goal is to produce structurally correct French Bulldogs with wonderful temperaments and superior, life-long health. All their dogs are health tested to avoid any genetic issues in the puppies. If you are interested in Impeccabullz puppies, please visit their website.

French Bulldog Breeders in California: Wine Country Bulldogs

Wine Country Bulldogs is a small French Bulldog breeder located in Santa Rosa, California. As stated on their website, they consider themselves a Boutique French Bulldog breeder with a deep passion for the breed. Their puppies are hand raised surrounded by the family and other pets (such as free-range chickens!). This family’s life is deeply intertwined with their Frenchies and they strive to share the joy their dogs bring them with other families.

Famous Owned Bullies

This is a French Bulldog breeder located in San Diego California. They strive to offer their clients the well-bred, top-quality French Bulldogs with excellent health and lovable temperaments. Their puppies are born and raised with access to their two-acre property, swimming pools and air-conditioned inside facilities. They don’t have a large number of litters and usually have a waitlist. Visit their website to learn more about them and their dogs and to get onto the waitlist.

French Bulldog Breeders in California: Derby Ranch French Bulldogs

This French Bulldogs breeder is located in Murietta, California. This is a small family kennel run by a mother and a daughter whose love for French bulldogs led them to open their own Kennel. They don’t have actually Kennel facilities: all of their puppies are born and raised in the house and grow up surrounded by people, which positively affects their socialization. This breeder doesn’t produce a large number of litters and has a waitlist for the new potential owners. Check out their website here.

French Bulldog Breeders in California: JG French Bulldogs

This is a small Kennel located in Newman, California. As stated on their website, their goal is to offer purebred Frenchies with excellent temperaments as lifelong family companions. They strive to maintain and improve the breed standard and work hard on producing only the healthiest dogs. They only have a few litters available each year and work hard on providing the best for each puppy, showering them with attention and love. They usually send their puppies to their new homes after the age of 8 weeks and are open to staying in touch with the new owners in case they have any questions or concerns.

French Bulldog Breeders in California: Blue Mountain French Bulldogs

This is another small home-based French Bulldog breeder in California, located in Southern California. Their breeding is based on deep love and passion for the breed. All of their puppies are born and raised in the family home and they only have a small number of litters a year. All of the puppies are AKC registered and are bred from some of the healthiest European and American bloodlines. If you are interested in a puppy from this Kennel, please visit their website.

Arlees French Bulldogs

This small French Bulldog Breeder is located about 2 hours out of San Diego, California. They have been breeding Frenchies for over a decade, as well as showing them. This Breeder is highly passionate and protective about the breed and is very thorough in placing their puppies to the best homes only – to the owners that really deserve this wonderful dog and will take proper care of it. Each puppy is a big part of their life and an enormous amount of care and love is invested in each and every pup. This Breeder has lots of useful information about French Bulldogs on their website, which can help you educate yourself and learn more about the breed before you make a decision to adopt a Frenchie. Please visit their website here if you are interested in adopting a puppy from this Breeder.

Hollywood French Bulldogs

This French Bulldog Breeder is located in Los Angeles, California. According to their website, they are a small breeder with a  breeding program based on a foundation of wonderful Frenchies and focussed on further enhancing and improving their lines. They breed selectively and not as a business, and only occasionally have puppies for select homes. They breed to AKC conformation standard and many of their dogs are recognized by the French Bulldog Club of America Registry of merit.

The Truth About French Bulldogs: French Bulldog Owner Reviews

French Bulldog pros:

One of the things I love about French Bulldogs, and particularly our Teddy, is that this is a very people-oriented dog. They are much more interested in their people than in other dogs, for example. During walks, Teddy is always somewhere near and I am always the center of his attention. (Of course, when he was a very small pup, he was a bit more excitable and could run away and not come back right away when called, but he doesn’t anymore). This is a very “convenient” dog in that you can take it anywhere. It fits into a small bag, into a bike basket and can even go shopping with you. I love it because I love being with my dog everywhere I go.

They also don’t require much grooming. Their coats are short and easy to brush and/or wash.

They also attract lost of attention. Kids love my Teddy, but even adults often stop us during our walks to look at Teddy or pet him. Which he loves!

French Bulldog cons:

The worst thing about French Bulldogs is their health, and the financial burden that you may experience as a result of your pup’s health issues. I know a lot of French Bulldog owners and honestly none are without health issues. Some Frenchies somewhere are probably very healthy, but our Teddy, for example, has lots of allergies. It’s very hard to find the right food for him. He absolutely can’t have any treats, which can be hard to avoid because he is such a beggar! We had to read lots on how to feed out Frenchie, and currently most of his diet is fresh meat and only a few types of vegetables. It’s expensive! But it’s also so hard when they have allergy: they can get very sick with dermatitis and itching and so on. He also vomits quite often, when something doesn’t agree with him. He had bad food poisoning a couple of times and we had to take him to the vet, which cost us a fortune! You gotta be ready for things like that if yo are thinking of adopting a French Bulldog. They really aren’t the healthiest of dogs.

“We had some trouble housebreaking our Teddy. Even though we took him out pretty much on the hour, he would just hang out outside, sniff everything, have fun, and then leave us little “surprises” once we were inside. At some point we thought we were doomed and would be cleaning pee and poo from out living room floor every day for the rest of Teddy’s life. (Thank Goodness we don’t have carpets!). But it did get better once he turned around 4 months or so. He started going potty outside more and more often, and now we don’t have this issue anymore.

Another thing we had to deal with when he was a puppy is his constant chewing of everything in sight. Chairs, sofas, my shoes, electrical devices, my phone charger, literally everything. And he had plenty of toys! But I guess it was more fun for him to chew other things. It’s especially bad when they are young and gets better the older they get, but I know a few French Bulldogs that still chew up everything their owner accidentally left in the vicinity in the ripe old age of five!





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