German Shepherd Breeders in Pennsylvania reviewed

German Shepherd Breeders in Pennsylvania
German Shepherd Breeders in Pennsylvania

German Shepherd Breeders in Pennsylvania: Edgewood German Shepherds

This is a German Shepherd breeder in Pennsylvania, located in Ashville, Pennsylvania. According to their website, this Breeder fully appreciates how serious the decision to adopt a new puppy into your family is. They strive to provide a perfect puppy for every seeking family. They work hard on producing the healthiest puppies they can, from health-screened parents belonging to some of the best German Shepherd bloodlines. Puppy personality is another aspect they approach with much respect and attention: good temperament is extremely important for a new family pet. They also strive to constantly improve the breed by importing top-quality dogs from some of the world’s best Kennels. All of their dogs are thoroughly health screened

Check out this German Shepherd breeder’s website here.

German Shepherd Breeders in Pennsylvania

German Shepherd Breeders in Pennsylvania: Vom Schaetzle Haus

If you are anywhere near Elizabeth Town, Pennsylvania, you might want to check out Vom Schaetzle Haus. According to their website, this is a breeder specializing in producing black and red long coated German Shepherds with excellent temperaments and strong health. All their dogs have excellent pedigrees and some impressive ancestry. All are health screened with hips and elbows certified. This Kennel invites visitors to their ranch and kennel on Saturdays (by appointment only!) so if you are not far from Elizabeth Town, you have a chance to see their wonderful dogs in person.


E-Z Brook German Shepherds

Another German Shepherd Breeder in Pennsylvania is E-Z Brook German Shepherds. Located in Nottingham, Pa, this breeder has extensive (over 40 year-long!) experience with German Shepherds. They approach breeding and raising their dogs as parts of their family: all puppies are raised in the house, surrounded by other dogs and people. E-Z Brook goal is to raise German Shepherds with superb health and excellent temperaments.

Susie Zeiner, the owner of the Kennel, is a former vet technician herself and has plenty of experience tending to animal health and wellbeing. This gives her a strong ground on which to base her decisions when it comes to all aspects of breeding her dogs. This Kennel does thorough health testing of all their puppies and parents. All their dogs are AKC registered and are sold with all their papers and a contract. You can’t go wrong with this breeder. If you are interested in learning more about them, you can do it here.

German Shepherd Breeders in Pennsylvania: Vom Schaetzle Haus

German Shepherd Breeders in Pennsylvania: Capriole Farm German Shepherds

This Kennel is located on a gorgeous acreage in Warfordsburg PA. According to their website, the owner of the Kennel has harbored love and respect for animals for over 50 years, with dogs being one of her favorite. Today, she specializes in beautiful German Shepherds with red and black pigment, beautiful conformation and fine temperaments.

Her goals are predictable, wonderful temperaments in her dogs, including some of the German Shepherd’s finest characteristics such as devotion, confidence and dependability. To achieve this goal, only the best dogs out of the best bloodlines are used for breeding. Her dogs have high titles including Sieger VA, and all are health screened and hip and elbow certified.  

Having been a vet technician herself, Brenda has broad experience in caring for animals and maintaining their perfect health. She understands dogs and puppies very well, which helps her achieve great results as a breeder and dog owner. She also has lots of dog training experience which also comes in handy in helping her dogs and their litters to become polite, well-behaved citizens of the world.

If you are looking for German Shepherd Breeders in PA, particularly around Warfordsburg, check out Brenda’s kennel.

Capriole Farm German Shepherds

Lindel Shepherds

Another German Shepherd Breeder in Pennsylvania is Linden Shepherds, located only an hour away from Philadelphia. This is a small hobby kennel treating their dogs as family members. As said on their website, the pups and the adults all live in the house and are treated as family members. Their approach to breeding German Shepherds is to preserve the correct conformation, stable personality, intelligence and drive.

This Kennel has bred multiple ACK champions. Some of their graduates serve as Therapy dogs, Rescue dogs and participate in other Service work. All their adults are thoroughly health screened before breeding. They are all hip and elbow certified, screened for degenerative myelopathy, as well as some other health conditions. As a small Kennel, this breeder has a limited number of breedings per year.

Click here to find out more about Lindel Shepherds.

German Shepherd Breeders in Pennsylvania: Watchman German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherd Breeders in Pennsylvania: Watchman German Shepherd Dogs

Yet another German shepherd breeder in PA, just 40 miles away from Philadelphia. According to their website, this breeder uses superior lines to produce German Shepherd puppies with excellent qualities, both of the body and the mine. “Like produces like” is the philosophy of this breeder, following which they strive to preserve and further develop the best qualities of the best lines in every breeding. To achieve this, they use selective line breeding. All of the dogs are OFA hip and elbow screened. The parents have impressive pedigrees including IPO titled dogs as well as other titles. 

All of the puppies go to their new home after their first visit to the vet and a detailed check-up. Every puppy comes with a two-year health warranty, and all puppies are AKC registered. They come with all their papers including their pedigree. According to their website, this breeder cares deeply about the health and well-being of their puppies as well as the best placement for each new puppy into a home that will be most suited for them.

Check out this breeder at

Another German Shepherd Breeder in Pennsylvania

Another German Shepherd Breeder in Pennsylvania: Eichenluft Working German Shepherds

This is a Kennel located on a farm in Carlisle Area, PA. They have been responsibly breeding German Shepherds since 1994. In their breeding, they use exclusively imported bloodlines, Schutzhund Titled, fully health checked and with excellent health, appearance and temperament characteristics. All puppies and parents are hip and elbow certified.

According to their website, Eichenluft’s breeding program is one of the most well-known and respected in the United States. They only breed dogs with working titles and breed to SV standard.  This is also one of the few breeders that actively work with their puppies to perfect their abilities and earn working titles. The result of their breeding is the puppies that are well known for their superior intelligence, beautiful conformation, gorgeous colors and excellent working abilities. Many of their pups have gone on to shine in such activities as agility, Obedience, Search ad Rescue, Police work ad other services.

Visit this breeder at

Vomfasanlauf German Shepherds

This is a German Shepherd breeder located in York Haven, PA. As said on their website, they are a small family kennel striving to produce quality, top standard German Shepherds with beautiful red and black coats, correct conformation and lovely temperaments. Their breeding dogs are health screened and IPO titled. Their puppies are all AKC registered and come with 2-year health guarantee.

Every puppy is raised surrounded by a family of both humans and dogs and is well socialized by the time they go to their new homes (thoroughly chosen by the Kennel for each puppy to achieve the best fit of personalities of the puppy and their future family). If you re interested in this breeder and their puppies, please visit their website.

German Shepherd Breeders in Pennsylvania: Klarenfeld German Shepherds

This is a small breeder located in Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania. The owner of the Kennel is a member of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America and takes an active part in many dog shows with their dogs. They have many excellent testimonials on their website, along with photos of their gorgeous dogs. Check out their website here.

Shadowbrook Shepherds

Shadowbrook Shepherds is another German Shepherd breeder in Pennsylvania and a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America. According to their website, they produce up to 8 litters per year, using fine German and American lines and following the responsible breeding ethics in their work. Their dogs’ stable personality is as important for Shadowbrook Shepherds as good conformation.

All their puppies are hand-raised, surrounded by a family of other dogs and people. Their dogs go on to be excellent family companions as well as serve in  Search and Rescue, work as Therapy dogs and protection dogs. While this kennel mostly produces pet and show-quality puppies, they also occasionally have breeding dogs for select clients. Their breeding program is highly selective, aimed at the preservation and improvement of the best qualities of the breed. All dogs are regularly examined by the vet and screened for genetic issues such as hip and elbow issues. This breeder is a member of Bred with H.E.A.R.T since 2019.

Shadowbrook Kennels only place their dogs in the most suitable homes where the puppies will receive proper care and lots of love.  If you are interested in this breeder and their dogs, this is their website.

German Shepherd Owner review

“Think twice before adopting a German Shepherd. This is a wonderful dog, but there are a few considerations you need to take into account.

There are lots of upsides of having a German Shepherd. These are highly intelligent dogs, very easy to train and eager to perform. If you love teaching your dog tricks, or if you have work for the dog to do (such as guard and protect, for example), this will be a great breed for you.

German Shepherds are very loyal towards their family members. They can also be friendly to other pets provided they are acquainted at the young age.

This dog will make you much more active! They need lots of walks and active play, so you can sell your gym membership now.

This is also a gorgeous dog that will be your pride and joy.

However, there are also downsides to keep in mind.

These are large dogs, and they need a lot of space. A one-bedroom apartment (or any apartment, really) is not a good place for a German Shepherd to live. A farm, or at least a large house would be a much better option. German Shepherds are also quite loud. Not that they bark much (although that depends on how you raise them). But the do everything quite loudly: they snore when they sleep, they breath loudly etc. Take that into account when thinking of adopting a German Shepherd.

Your house will never be clean again. German Shepherds have long coats which are perfect for carrying dirt and dust from outside onto your perfect new sofa. They will also drag dirt and sand on their feet. And, of course, there will be dog hair everywhere, especially during shedding season.

German Shepherds do smell. If you don’t like doggy smell, you may want to look into a breed that doesn’t tend to smell as much, such as some smaller breeds or breeds with shorter coats (whippets for example).

Training. Your German Shepherd will need lots of training if you want them to be polite and obedient. Otherwise you risk raising a disobedient, uncontrollable and potentially dangerous dog.

Other than that, this is a wonderful dog to have. You just need to see for yourself if you are ready to live with certain downsides of this breed.”

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