German Shepherd Breeders North Carolina reviewed

German Shepherd Breeders North Carolina

German Shepherd Breeders in North Carolina: Schaeffer Haus GSD

This is a small German Shepherd breeder in North Carolina, based out of Lenoir. According to their website, they focus on breeding full German descend bloodlines. All of their dogs are AKC registered and have exceptional pedigrees boasting Sieger and Schutzhund titles. They breed standard size German Shepherds (as opposed to large-sized American type). They screen their breeding dogs thoroughly and produce puppies free of genetic issues including hip dysplasia and other defects. Their health guarantee is valid for one year from the date of birth. If you are around Lenoir and are interested in this breeder’s puppies, please visit their website.

German Shepherd Breeders in North Carolina: Sea Knight Kennels

This North Carolina German Shepherd breeder is located in Holly Ridge/Surf City. This is a hobby breeder with dogs born and raised in the house, surrounded by the love and warmth of the family. According to their website, this breeder’s mission is to breed the best and healthiest German Shepherds to the German SV breed standards. They use only German Sieger show lines in their breeding and only breed the healthiest dogs with excellent temperaments.

Growing up with the family, their puppies are well socialized from a young age, as well as potty trained by the time they go to their new homes.

Color-wise, most of their pups are black and red, both stock and long coats. They also offer to import a puppy from Europe for an interested customer, if they don’t have a puppy themselves that would match the request.

The good temperament of their dogs is one of the biggest areas of focus for this breeder. They even raise litters specifically for Service work.

All of this Breeder’s puppies are AKC registered.


This Kennel is based in Brown Summit, North Carolina. This Breeder is focused on producing pure European-line Working German Shepherds. All their dogs are titled in Obedience, Tracking and Protection and a lot of them go on to serve in Law Enforcement. According to their website, all their dogs are hip certified: the health of each puppy is extremely important for this Breeder.

All the puppies are AKC registered and come to their new owner equipped with vaccinations and micro-chip.

German Shepherd Breeders North Carolina: German Shepherds Vom Haus Chacon

This kennel is run by second-generation breeders focusing on West German working show line German Shepherds. All their dogs have excellent pedigree, coming from world champion bloodlines. As stated on their website, they breed for superb temperaments, confidence and outstanding working abilities. All puppies are AKC registered and are sent to their new homes with vaccinations and microchip.

Baumwolle German Shepherds

This German Shepherd breeder is located in York, South Carolina, and specializes in producing high-quality purebred German Shepherds from IPO and Schutzhund parents. According to their website, their goal is to create well-temperamented, loyal, versatile and intelligent dogs. Their parents have many international titles, some are imported directly from Germany. This Kennel also offers a 4 week Obedience training course for the new German Shepherd owners.

German Shepherd Breeders in North Carolina: DCAN’S German Shepherds

This German Shepherd breeder is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. As stated on their website, they have bred many AKC champions and titled dogs and even more delightful family companions. All of their breeding dogs are thoroughly screened for health issues as well as temperament. All puppies are AKC registered and OFA certified. All come with a one-year health guarantee. All puppies grow up in the house and so are fully socialized as well as potty trained by the time they are ready to go to their new homes. This breeder is a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America and has signed the Breeder’s Code of Ethics.

Helensberg German Shepherds

This Kennel is located in Chesnee, North Carolina. As stated on their website, the focus of their work is breeding Working and European Show West German Shepherd Shepherds. All of their dogs are AKC registered and Hips and Elbows Certified. They strive to breed quality dogs with good temperaments and intelligence, easy to train and polite. Their puppies grow up surrounded by family and are well socialized from a young age. Visit this breeder’s website if you are interested in their puppies.

German Shepherd Breeders North Carolina: Grünberg Shepherds

This is another German Shepherd Breeder in North Carolina, located in Asheville, North Carolina. According to their website, this is a breeder specializing in breeding German Shepherds with excellent Schutzhund abilities from high-quality bloodlines that have proven themselves in this field. Their dogs have a lot of titles and accomplishments in the field, and their puppies grow up to be just as intelligent, talented, well-temperamented and healthy both physically and mentally. They research their breeding pedigrees thoroughly and do not compromise on quality. This Breeder strives to breed to the original European German Shepherd standard.

Baysden German Shepherds

Another German Shepherd Breeder in Carolina, located in Hubert, NC. This is a family-based Kennel that has been involved in breeding German Shepherds for over thirty years. As stated on their website, their main focus is to offer a high-quality dog with stable temperaments and healthy both physically and mentally. All of their dogs are health tested, screened and hip certified. Puppies go to their new homes with a Health warranty, vaccinations and a tattoo. A lot of this Kennel’s “graduates” have gone on to serve as Police dogs, Search and Rescue dogs, Therapy dogs and other services. At the same time, they also make for wonderful family companions.

German Shepherd Breeders North Carolina: Carolina German Shepherds

This is another small family Breeder, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. As stated on their website, their focus is to maintain and improve the qualities that are the essence of a German Shepherd:  protective but stable temperament, loyalty, intelligence, confidence and power. They do a lot of research to produce the best litters possible using breeding stock that most fit their standards. They only breed on a limited basis and value quality more than quantity. Parent dogs are health tested and come from the best bloodlines from all over the world. Apart from excellent parentage, each puppy gets a good dose of early socialization and love from the family.

Pros and cons to owning a German Shepherd, from a German Shepherd owner:

We have owned a German Shepherd, Billy, for fifteen years. So I think I have a lot to share about them.

One thing I need to say right away is that German Shepherds pick ONE owner. They will love your whole family of course, but they will only see one person as the owner, as the leader of their pack. Female dogs often choose male leaders and vice versa, male dogs often love their female owner the most. Family hierarchy is very important for these dogs.

What I love about Billy is that he doesn’t drool like many other breeds, for example, Labradors. He is very clean, but he does have that bit of a doggy smell I have to admit. It doesn’t bother me though. Maybe I’m just used to his stink 🙂

Billy is not aggressive, even though he can look quite intimidating. He is very friendly, if a little cautious around strangers. He doesn’t have any “slyness” or revenge in him. He will never do anything out of spite. A pretty straightforward fellow. Of course, if a stranger comes to our house, Billy gets very protective and warns them with a loud bark.

German Shepherds need LOTS of activity. You can’t just take them out to pee and then go right back home. They need to have plenty of time to run around, play with sticks, play-fight with other dogs – anything active, really. You won’t be able to just take them out, turn on a podcast and do your thing while the dog is doing hers. You need to be actively participating, coming up with things to do, otherwise your pup might find things to do that you won’t like. We spend almost three hours every day walking, training and playing outside. More on weekends!

Training is very easy when it comes to German Shepherds: they are extremely intelligent. Probably one of the most intelligent breeds out there. Billy memorizes commands really quickly and understands everything almost before I even say it. They are excellent guards and protectors too, but you will need to do specific training for them to be an effective protector and at the same time still be safe for friendly strangers.

Our Billy is extremely loving and loyal. Whenever I have to go away for a work trip for a few days and leave him home with the rest of the family, he gets heartbreakingly sad, refuses to eat for a while and just stays at the door waiting for me to come back. He is slowly getting used to the fact that sometimes I have to leave for a bit and it’s getting a bit better now.

DO NOT adopt a German Shepherd if you live in an apartment. This is a large dog and it needs SPACE!

It’s important to find a good breeder, and not to try to buy the cheapest puppy you can. You don’t want a dog with hip dysplasia! Or another issue that will drain the life (and your finances) out of you.

These dogs can be emotional and overly excitable! Ours certainly is. We still have to deal with his antiques, his jumping onto us in the fits of excitement (hello scratches!) and his loving bites (still hurts!).

German Shepherd needs an owner who knows what they are doing (at least to some degree). You need to want and to be able to work with your dog. Training is absolutely necessary. You need to always be in control of your dog, or it will become a danger to you as well as others. If you aren’t ready to invest tons of time in training, you may want to find a different, more hands off breed.

Of course, all the work (and the finances) you invest in them are worth it in the end, because you will get a loyal, loving and devoted friend and companion.

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