German Shepherd Breeders in California reviewed

German Shepherd Breeders in California
German Shepherd Breeders in California

German Shepherd Breeders in California: Von Daily German Shepherds

This is a small Kennel located in Rancho Cucamonga, just 50 miles away from LA. In their breeding, they use exceptional show lines from West Germany, striving to produce superb protectors and family companions. According to their website, they avoid breeding from working lines and make a strict distinction between working and show dogs, working dogs being much more high-strung, energetic and needing work to do at all times.

German Shepherd Breeders in California: Von Daily German Shepherds

Working hard on producing the best family companions, this breeder raises all their puppies in their own home, which helps with early socialization. They even crate train their puppies, which makes housebreaking much easier and highly benefits the new owners of the puppies.

This breeder also cares deeply about the health of their litters. Both parents and puppies are health tested and puppies come with a written health warranty. They also come with a contract.

If you are interested in this breeder, visit their website here.

Perfect German Shepherds

Perfect German Shepherds

Another German Shepherds breeder in California is Perfect German Shepherds located in Nevada City, CA. They have been breeding German Shepherds for decades and only use the highest quality lines in their program. According to their website, they specialize in breeding dogs with fine temperaments, as opposed to hyperactive working line dogs so common today. They hand raise their puppies which live in the house with the humans and are treated as part of the family. Visit this breeder’s website if you are interested in their puppies.

German Shepherd Breeders in California: Sentinel Hearts

This Kennel is located in Dublin, California. This is a small family Kennel based on the love and passion for dogs. This breeder has been involved in dog raising and working with dogs for over 15 years. According to their website, the health of their litters is one of their utmost priorities: this is why all their breeding dogs are health tested for hip and elbow dysplasia, thyroid, heart disease and other factors. They also work hard on matching the right female for the right male, striving to produce superb physique as well as even, stable temperament in their puppies.

Their dogs have access to their large property (including swimming in the canal!) and spend their time among people and other dogs which helps with socialization. The very name of the Kennel – Sentinel Hearts – expresses the love for the dogs and the major role that the dog plays in the life of this breeder.

German Shepherd Breeders in California: Sentinel Hearts

War Cry German Shepherds

This breeder is located in Southern California and has been working with German Shepherds for more than 30 years. According to their website, they take a very responsible approach to breeding in the world of so many abandoned dogs needing new homes. This breeder only breeds the most worthy dogs to produce exceptional litters with excellent conformation and temperament. They thoroughly health test all their breeding stock and don’t inbreed or linebreed to avoid health issues.

Only the best examples of the breed are used for breeding so as to strengthen and improve the best qualities of the breed. All their breeding dogs have titles and are tested for not only their health but temperament and obedience as well. This breeder doesn’t produce long-haired German Shepherds or Shepherds with disqualifying colors such as white or blue.

German Shepherd Breeders in California: Von Ward Kennels

This Breeder is located near sunny San Diego. According to their website, they differ from the other breeders in that they breed German Shepherds of larger size than standard and have straighter backs. They pay thorough attention to the health of their litters and test their breeding dogs for various health issues such as elbow and hip disorders and others. This is a home-based Kennel, and, although they do accept visitors, visits are by appointment only, which you can set up on their website.

German Shepherd Breeders in California: Von Ward Kennels

Rotterbarental German Shepherds

This is yet another German Shepherd breeder in California, located in Riverside County not far from San Diego, San Bernardino and Orange Counties. This Breeder has more than 25 years of experience producing German Shepherd puppies for families. According to their website, they specialize particularly in deep black and red coat colors, but also have dogs of standard colors as well. In their breeding, they use exceptional imported German bloodlines.

The quality of the resulting puppies, both in appearance as well as temperament, makes them good candidates for show dogs as well as wonderful companions. Many of their dogs have also graduated to be occupied in service work, such as Search and Rescue, Therapy and other occupations.

According to their website, this Breeder strives for exceptional health in their puppies. All parents are thoroughly health tested. The puppies grow up surrounded by people and other dogs and play in the grass as opposed to being shut in a kennel. All of these measures lead to great health and even temperaments. The Kennel provides 5-year guarantee for each puppy. Visit this breeder’s website to learn more and to get in touch with them.

German Shepherd Breeders in California: Bellevue GSD

German Shepherd Breeders in California: Bellevue GSD

This Breeder is located in Northern California. This is a family-based Kennel and the family that has bred German Shepherds for generations! Unlike many other breeders, this Kennel specializes in old-style silver sable and solid black German Shepherds with straighter backs. According to their website, this breeder strives to produce well-temperamented and beautiful dogs that will make for a great family companion.

For their litters, they use the best breeding stock both imported from Europe and domestically. They have used some of the top breed examples from Europe (Russia, Germany, Croatia and other countries). The dogs they produce have medium to high energy and drive, depending on the bloodline used. They are not extremely “busy” and demanding dogs and make great family pets. Visit this breeder here.

Nadelhaus German Shepherds

This breeder is also located in Northern California, in the city of Corning. According to their website, their main focus is to breed German Shepherds with excellent working ability and correct conformation. They use only German bloodlines in their breeding.  All of their dogs are health-checked and vaccinated, and come with a written health guarantee. Check out their website here.

Sprague’s German Shepherds

This is a small family-operated Kennel based at the foothills of Sierra Nevada mountains. Their main focus is to breed old-fashioned German Shepherds to offer as family companions, but with good working abilities as well. The Kennel is run by a family of devoted dog lovers and located on a large acreage where the dogs have plenty of pace to run free and wild. Check out their beautiful website at

German Shepherd Breeders in California: West Coast German Shepherds

This German Shepherd breeder is located just north of Temecula, CA. According to their website, they focus on traditional black and red/tan coat colors as well as solid black and sable. The main purpose of their work is to produce healthy puppies that will make for wonderful family companions. Every puppy goes to their new home with all their papers, a Health guarantee, a microchip, all their vaccinations and deworming.

German Shepherd Owner Review

This is a very smart dog. They understand everything. But they can be a bit like people. Sometimes they are in the mood to work, and sometimes they slack off. She likes some commands and doesn’t like some other ones. She’ll understand what I want from her, but won’t do it. Sometimes she would follow a command if we are in the house, and will completely ignore it when we are outside. She’s very much a lady that way, very much her own master.

If you don’t have too much experience with dogs, and particularly dog training, it could be a good idea to work with an instructor, or someone who is experienced. There are plenty of books on dog training, there are even some specific for German Shepherds, but it’s not as simple as just reading one book and being able to capture your dog’s full attention. It really takes practice.

When it comes to grooming, it doesn’t really take that much effort, especially if you are not going to show your dog. You’ll need to brush them every day and give them a bath if there’s visible dirt, but other than that there’s no special grooming required. You will probably have to vacuum your floors every day though, with all the shedding.

Feeding your pup may become a challenge: it did for us. We turned out to be allergic to a lot of foods, and it took a while to figure out how to feed her. Sometimes she also just doesn’t want what she is given, even though she isn’t allergic to it. We found that raw meat is always greeted with enthusiasm, but dry foods,a s well as vegetables, are hit and miss.

Sometimes you want to give up with all the challenges that a dog can bring into your life. But I know I never will. She is my friend, a member of my family. She understands me without words, and is always there when I’m sad or tired. She’s definitely worth it.

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