Labrador Breeders in Wisconsin reviewed

Labrador Breeders Wisconsin: 7 breeders reviewed

Labrador Breeders Wisconsin: Jungle Lake Labrador Lodge

This Labrador Breeder in Wisconsin is located in Crandon, WI. They are a small family-based breeder offering friendly, outgoing Labs with excellent temperament. As stated on their website, this breeder has a selective breeding program with extensive DNA testing to rule out any dogs with any genetic health conditions. If you are interested in this breeder, please visit their website.

Labrador Breeders in Wisconsin: Rainmaker Labs

Labrador Breeders in Wisconsin: Rainmaker Labs

This is another Labrador breeder in Wisconsin, located in Stone Lake, WI. This breeder has been working with Labs for over 20 years. As can be seen from their website, they are a responsible breeder who places great importance on the health of their dogs. They do thorough genetic and health testing including but not limited to OFA certifications for hips, eyes and elbows and much more. If you are interested in this breeder, please visit their website.

Dutch Acres Labradors

This breeder is located between Pardeeville and Portage, WI. This is another breeder who pays thorough attention to the health of their dogs and puppies. According to their website, all their breedings are planned carefully and the dogs are genetically tested to be free of conditions such as EIC, PRA, CNM  and others. All their puppies are well-socialized and raised in a warm and loving home environment before they go to their new homes.

Labrador Breeders in Wisconsin: Thunder Labradors

This Labrador breeder in Wisconsin is located in Busseyville, WI. As stated on their website, all their dogs are AKC registered and screened for eyes, elbows and hips health. They also provide a guarantee that a puppy will not be affected by such genetic diseases as EIC, CNM, PRA, DM and others.


Other Labrador Retriever breeders in Wisconsin

Krautkramer Kennels –

White Lightning Labradors – 

Hoffmann’s Labradors –

Labrador owner review (Myra and her Labrador Bonnie)

I have always loved animals and especially dogs. You can say it’s in my blood pretty much because my dad has always had dogs ever since he was a kid and then persuaded my mom to get one when they married and had me. So we had dogs growing up too. Then, once I moved out, I felt sort of lonely. A lot of my girlfriends got married and some even have kids already. I am still on my own and at some point, I felt a bit lonely. This was when I decided that maybe it was a good time to adopt a puppy.

Why Labrador Retriever?

I have thought about what breed would be best for quite a long time. I always knew I wanted a larger dog. I also wanted the dog to be obedient and easy to train because I haven’t had too much experience in training. Overall, because this would be my first dog of my own, there were a lot of things I didn’t know. How to choose a puppy? How to take care of them? What to feed?

I have read through so much information on various dog forums and sites and the main thing I realized was that it’s very important to get a puppy from a  very good breeder to avoid any health and behavioral issues that may be genetic. By then I already knew I wanted a Labrador Retriever. They are a wonderful breed, very friendly and not too difficult to own as far as I understood.

Labrador Breeders Wisconsin: Labrador owner review

I found a breeder not far from where I live and they actually still had some spots on their waiting list for a puppy. After a few months’ wait, I was finally able to pick Bonnie up and bring her home. She was a tiny chocolate Lab puppy and she stole my heart the very first time I saw her in a picture.

Bonnie’s character was very distinct and apparent the very first day I brought her home. She was very funny and sly and sneaky and very confident. When I let her into the house for the first time, she acted as if she has lived here forever, no fear or anything like that. She just went exploring right away.

The things I prepared for her from the start were some food and water bowls, a dog bed and some toys.

The very first night she went and chewed up some of the cables in the house! We had to work hard to prevent that in the future because she just has this crazy love for cables. Eventually, she sort of grew out of it although I wouldn’t be surprised, even these days if suddenly my TV or internet stopped working.

The most difficult time that I have had with Bonnie was around the age of 4 to 7 months old. I almost regretted getting her! It seemed like she was constantly sick at that time. Constant allergies, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. I have changed around a dozen different food brands and types until I found the one that she more or less tolerated.

I found a breeder not far from where I live

She eventually got much better and began tolerating food much better, although she is still allergic to many grains and all poultry. Of course, now I know all the nuances and sensitivities that she has. But back then it was all very new and frankly, scary! I spent so much money and time trying to help her I hardly had any life at that period of time. It was very difficult.

The one good thing at that time was our obedience classes that I took Bonnie to throughout all that time. She turned out to be very bright and learned very quickly. It was a pure pleasure to work with her and watch her getting smarter and better.

The only issue there was that she apparently is very food-oriented and food-motivated, so it’s a little difficult not to give in and give her too many treats. Which you shouldn’t do, because labs tend to gain weight quite easily.

After around 12 months of age, everything with Bonnie became much easier.  Both because she really became much easier and because I learned so much about her that it became easy to handle her. This is when I started actually enjoying having a dog!

We did still have some health issues after that. First of all, how can you tell that your lab is ill? They stop eating and start looking … sad! They keep their head and tail down. If you see that in your lab, don’t wait, take them to the vet!

Why Labrador Retriever?

Bonnie ended up having hip dysplasia, and we found out about it when she was 5 months old. At first she was just walking a bit funny, but when I took her for a scan, the vet said she had quite a bit of hip dysplasia in both of her hind paws.

Thankfully our vet was very experienced and offered some strategies as to how to help her and prevent the condition from worsening too fast. She also helped us find a better food brand for Bonnie to help with her allergies.

Thankfully right now Bonnie’s health seems to be stabilized and she is doing fairly well.

Now that Bonnie is over a year old, I think I can talk about some pros and cons of having a lab as I know quite a bit about them.

Some of the good sides

Bonnie is extremely friendly. She has never ever displayed any aggression towards anyone, including people and other dogs. If another dog is aggressive towards Bonnie, she just runs back to me seeking protection. She is happy to make friends with everyone she meets, including children and even cats.

She is very outgoing. Thanks to her, I met so many people just by taking her on walks. She is not as interested in toys and bones, etc. She would drop all of that in a second for a chance to hang out with other people or dogs.

ome of the cons to owning a Labrador Retriever

If I am having any guests in the house, she will hover around them at all times, begging for attention. It doesn’t get too annoying though because she is so cute.

My Labrador, like probably all other Labradors, is extremely smart. Training her is an absolute joy, she is so quick. She learned her main commands within literally just the first few weeks of training, and she is picking up more and more as time goes by.

Some of the cons to owning a Labrador Retriever

Most of the trouble I’ve ever had with Bonnie was due to her health not being ideal. It was difficult, but she is worth every trouble. I love her to bits and praying that she has a long happy life with me.




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